The Chronic Blues Band

Blues for a New Millennium

About the band ...

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Mark Anthony

Lead singer and harp player. The serious one, also known as the leader of the band. Mark definitly puts a certain flavor to our sound.

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Tim Dunn

Lead Guitarist and singer. The font line ham of the bunch. He may look a little funny but makes up for it with his guitar skills.

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Tom Blankinship

Rythm Guitarist. Rounding out the sound, and always full of ideas. Keeping him in line is somwhat of a challenge.

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Frank Rubio

Bassist and back up vocals. If the glare off his bald head don't entrance you, he will get you with his humor. Frank is the funny one that brings the humor.

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Pat Novack

Drummer boy in the back. Also online media manager. This guy is unpredictable and we dont let him roam free much around normal people.